December 2008

Shinya Aoki Gets A Leg Up Over Eddie Alvarez

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It was a very quick fight. Aoki was wanting Alvarez to fight on the ground with him and eventually it happened. Aoki won the fight via heel hook, it was locked in tight and Alvarez was forced to tap after trying to fight he way out for a few seconds.

The fight marks the second loss in professional MMA competition for Alvarez after last losing at Bodog “Clash of the Nations” in 2007 to Nick Thompson. Alvarez is still a very young fighter and will obviously continue to improve.

This was Aoki’s 19th win in MMA competition and his 11th via submission. Somtime in 2009 Aoki will be looking to avenge his loss against Joachim Hansen and claim the DREAM Lightweight Championship.

Hong Man Choi Is Just a Big Failure

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For those of you that didn’t know the NYE event for K-1 and DREAM is currently taking place in Japan. On the card was one of the worst fighters to ever show his face, South Korean, Hong Man Choi.

The man is 7ft 2 inches tall but for some reason can’t find it within him to use that height for anything other than sluggish slow movements.

Tonight he was fighting Mirko Crocop under DREAM rules. What an embarrasment this fight was. Mirko was destroying the big man all the way through the fight. Then came the most amazing leg kick I have ever seen (sarcasm) and Hong Man Choi just gave in. He limped away a little before collapsing to the ground and the ref stopped the bout.

It would be a dream of mine to never see Hong Man Choi fight again. What has he ever brought into a fight? His height is the only thing I can think of and he doesn’t even know how to use it to his advantage.

UFC 92 Event Recap, Rashad Evans vs. Forrest Griffin

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Rashad Evans vs. Forrest Griffin got the fight of the night bonus from the UFC for it’s amazing action. The bout ended in the third round resulting in a new champion for one of the most saturated divisions in MMA.

Rashad Evans came out to the ring his usual self, no nipple tweak this time around though. He looked extremely confident and his striking within the ring showed it. Forrest also looked pretty confident in his abilities to retain the belt, that wasn’t the way it went down though.

The first round could of gone either way on the judges score cards, both fighters did good with their striking and Octagon movement. The second round I would have to say went to Forrest Griffin due to the amazing start he got off to, and he proved not to be phased by Rashad’s crotch grab.

Then came the third round Rashad took control and controlled Forrest on the ground. He was in Griffin’s guard, stood up and then unleashed a world of pain on Griffin. It wasn’t that long until the bout had to be stopped and a new UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion was crowned.

My Thoughts: It was an awesome fight and really did deserve fight of the night from the UFC. Both fighters got an extra $60,000 for it. Before the fight I really wasn’t sure who I thought would win. Rashad has some amazing punching power and great wrestling skills and then there’s Forrest the fighter that has come so far since his Ultimate Fighter 1 win over Steven Bonnar.

My Rating: I would give the fight a 5/5 it was everything I expected to see. Rashad for winning the title also gets himself a 5/5 and I would give Griffin a 4/5 for his opening two round efforts.

Meaning on the Division: Well there is a new champion in Rashad Evans. The UFC will be looking for a challenger and right now, (pending on his legal issues) Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is looking like the man. That could also cause some people to question why he wouldn’t have to go through Forrest Griffin first. I think that would be the best option, a rematch between Rampage and Griffin could draw some good numbers.

Here’s a title fight for you, Lyoto Machida vs. Rashad Evans. Two guys that have never lost a fight, a classic one ’0′ must go fight.  Many people say Machida is a boring fighter, really he is just cautious and looking for the opportunities.

UFC 92 Event Recap, “Minotauro” Nogueira vs. Frank Mir

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Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Frank Mir UFC 92 Recap MMA

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What a shocker! Before the fight if you were to take a look at the odds on the fight Mir was a 3-to-1 underdog (Bet $1 earn $3). He didn’t look like that much of an underdog when he started out fighting though.

The first round was controlled by Mir, he knocked Nogueira down twice with his boxing. The second round started and Mir dominated Nogueira once again, I think it would be fair to call this “Domination.” Nogueira didn’t seem to be interested in winning the fight and he just got destroyed.

There is not really much to write about when it comes to this fight. It was one sided and ended in the second round, there’s your recap!

My Thoughts: An absolute shocker! I placed a small bet on Mir to win just because of his odds but I never really thought he would have done as good as he did. It looks like Mir could go on to once again become champion of the UFC. All he has to do is defeat Lesnar again, hopefully this time around it wont be a small mistake on Lesnars part that allows Mir to win.

My Rating: The fight overall I would give a 3/5 just because of how it all went down. Due to control around the Octagon and overall domination of his opponent Frank Mir deserves a 5/5 rating. Obviously Nogueira wasn’t himself in the fight and because of that he can only score a 1/5.

Meaning on the Division: Well we all know that Frank Mir will be going on to fight for the title sometime in the future against Brock Lesnar. For Nogueira things are not so clear, people have mentioned that he should retire, I highly doubt he will retire just yet that would be a big dissapointment. It has also been mentioned that Nogueira will fight Randy Couture. That fight looks to be the most promising and could bring in good numbers on the PPV.

UFC 92: Rashad Evans Taunts Forrest Griffin, Image of the Week

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Rashad Evans Taunts Forrest Griffin at UFC 92

Rashad Evans Taunts Forrest Griffin at UFC 92

The new UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion is a funny guy. Rashad Evans took some time out from the fight to taunt his opponent Forrest Griffin and then throw a quick left while Griffin was in shock. Kudos goes to Rashad!

UFC 92 Event Recap, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson vs. Wanderlei Silva

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It was the second fight of the night at UFC 92 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. the winner of the fight Quinton “Rampage” Jackson also took home that extra $60,000 for knockout of the night.

Wanderlei Silva was the first to enter the Octagon he looked confident, smiling at the camera, Rampage entered the Octagon in his traditional “I’m tough” style. Both fighters took to their corners while Bruce Buffer did the introductions.

Referee Yves Lavigne then called the fighters to the center of the ring to give his instructions to the fighters. It was there that the hostility could be seen, both fighters stared each other down and never touched gloves. It was fight time!

Both Rampage and Silva came out from their corners cautious but looking for the early win. Rampage was waiting for Silva to open up with combo’s before throwing a huge hook and retreating. Silva continued to throw combinations but looked extremely cautious while doing it.

Silva kept advancing slowly and Rampage was retreating while looking for an opening to land the winning punch. Throughout the opening minutes Wanderlei Silva remembered how Forrest defeated Rampage, with the leg kicks.

Then out of nowhere with around 1:40 left on the clock Rampage avoided a combo from Silva and threw an amazing left hook KO’ing Silva instantly. He even threw in three punches just to add to it.

My Thoughts: I wanted Rampage to win the fight, I didn’t expect it to come that quick though. It is good that Rampage has been able to sort himself out since his run-in with the law after he lost the title to Forrest Griffin. As he told Joe Rogan in the post-fight interview he got his “Wolf on.”

My Rating:It was a great fight even if it didn’t last the first round so I will give it a 4/5. Rampage himself has obviously been training hard since his last defeat and he deserves a 5/5 for this fight. Even though Wanderlei got beat he did good in the opening minutes it was just a slight opening which allowed him to be defeated, Silva gets a 3.5/5.

Meaning on the Division: The Light-Heavyweight division in the UFC is a good one. There are some amazing fighters all looking to get ahead and hopefully get the title shot on the new champion. Problem now is who fights the new champion? Well it will obviously not be Wanderlei Silva, Silva will have to start lower down and get his win streak back on. Who Silva will fight though is a mystery. For Rampage on the other hand though there are many posibilities. He could fight for the title immediatly but I don’t think that would be the best choice for the UFC. I believe that the UFC should have a rematch somwhere along the lines between Rampage and Griffin and then if it can all be done in time get a Light Heavyweight title defence in at UFC 100. What a good fight that could be, providing Rampage beats Griffin a Rampage vs. Evans fight for the title could be an amazing way to round off the 100th UFC.

UFC 92 Event Recap, Cheick Kongo vs. Mustafa Al-Turk

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The first fight of the night saw Cheick Kongo’s return to the UFC main card in a bout against UFC newcomer Mustafa Al-Turk. The fight never made it out of the first round but it seemed to last a long time, mainly due to knees to the groin area of both fighters. Al-Turk connects a knee to Kongo’s groin and minute or so was taken by Kongo to regain composure, or was he planning a return knee? Well the fight started again and Kongo connects a clean knee to Al-Turk’s groin area while in the clinch.

After all of that was over Kongo stormed in there with viscious blows knocking Al-Turk to the mat. Inside Al-Turks open guard Kongo began with thunderous elbows which opened a nice cut on the forehead of Al-Turk. Before long the bout would have to be stopped otherwise I doubt Al-Turk would of had much of a face left.

My Thoughts: The fight took a bit longer than expected considering it finished in the first round. I had never seen Al-Turk fight before so I was looking forward to seeing his skills but his lackluster performance should mean that we wont be seeing him in the Octagon again. On the other hand Cheick Kongo should be getting his face back in the bigh picture once again. He won’t be going for the title right away but maybe a fight against Nogueira isn’t looking too bad if he really wants the title around his waist.

My Rating: I would rate the fight a 2/5 there was not really that much action between the two apart from right at the end when Kongo destroyed his opponent, Kongo was looking good and because of that I will give Kongo a fight rating of 4.5/5. Al-Turk on the other hand was not really that good of a fighter, well not good enough to keep up with the talent of the UFC, for that I give Al-Turk a fight rating of 1/5.

Meaning on the Division: The loss of Al-Turk means absolutely nothing for the UFC heavyweight division, the only two options for him now would be a UFC undercard fight to build himself back up if that is avaliable to him or to return to the UK and fight in other organizations. The win for Cheick Kongo though means quite a bit for the Heavyweight division in the UFC. With that win it proves that Kongo still has what it takes to continue fighting, even if Al-Turk was not a five star opponent Kongo still defeated him with style and power. As mentioned previously I think the UFC should put Kongo into a fight against Nogueira, whoever wins that fight should then be able to fight whoever the champion at that stage is.

Live UFC 92 Results and Analysis Tonight

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When the fights start at 10PM EST will provide live fight analysis and results right here in this post. We will also start rolling out the undercard results once they start to come in. After the event is over make sure to come back to MMA-Live for extra fight analysis, thoughts and videos from UFC 92.

UFC 92 undercard results will be available from 8 EST
UFC 92 main card fight results and analysis available from 10 EST

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