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Michael Bisping on His MMA Journey

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Bisping out to Prove the Media Wrong at UFC 100

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“I’ll prove you wrong at UFC 100 … people always say I’m going to lose my fights — people always call me the underdog. Maybe one day people will actually predict me to win. I actually like the role of underdog, it’s nice proving people wrong, and I WILL be proving ‘certain journalists’ wrong at UFC 100… To be honest, maybe I’m underestimating him but I don’t think I’ve got a lot to worry about. He’s got a big right hand and great clinch work, but outside of that I’ve got him beat. Having watched the Henderson/Franklin fight again, I have to say I wasn’t impressed at all. His striking looked sloppy, he fell on his arse a couple of times from kicks, landed a couple of big right hands but that was it really…. He’s never been knocked out in his career, it’d be nice to be the first, I’m definitely looking to finish the fight. I’ve been improving my explosive strength, you’ll definitely see the best Michael Bisping at UFC 100 and I’m going there to knock him out.”

In a recent interview with Setanta.com Michael Bisping,(coach of this seasons Ultimate Fighter) commented on always being seen as the worst fighter in almost every fight he goes into. Bisping also claimed to be the first man who would KO Dan Henderson at UFC 100.

I myself am a fan of Bisping and would love to see him KO Henderson come July. Guess not everyone puts Bisping as #2 in a fight.

Anderson Silva Only Wants Superfights Now

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“I just think Anderson wants to be involved with the biggest fights possible and the biggest fights that the UFC can put together. If it’s at 205, 185 or if it’s at some catchweight, it doesn’t make a difference. He’s got four fights left on his contract and he wants to make them the biggest fights possible. He wants to leave a legacy behind…If for some reason Lyoto Machida is not successful on May 23, then who knows? Maybe we will go after that title, but right now Anderson feels the 205-pound belt belongs to Lyoto. He just hasn’t had the chance to fight for it yet. A fight with him and Lyoto is never going to happen. He just wants to have superfights.”

Twice in a row here on MMA-Live Ed Soares has made an appearance. This time he has told MMAWeekly that Anderson Silva would only like to be involved in ‘Superfights’ in his final four fights for the UFC. Obviously Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida are close friends who are both managed by Ed Soares, so that is out of the question.

I’m all for Anderson Silva only having Superfights from here on out. It would make it more interesting as there is no fighter currently in the UFC who could give fans an exciting fight to watch against Silva in the middleweight division.

Rashad Evans vs. Lyoto Machida to be ‘one of bigest fights in UFC history’

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“I don’t think it’s going to go to a decision; I don’t think it’s going to go to the score cards. I think this is one of those specialty fights that people should get interested in because this fight, technically, should be one of the biggest fights ever in UFC history.”

Lyoto Machida’s manager Ed Soares believes that the light heavyweight title defense next month at UFC 98 could be one of the greatest fights in UFC history. The chances of this being one of the greatest fights in UFC history are pretty slim if you ask me. Machida’s fighting style is not one to make a fight exciting. For any fight to be exciting to all fans both opponents should attack each other. Machida tends to retreat and wait for an opening.

UFC 100: An Historic Event

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The Arena Where Kyle Maynard Proved Critics Wrong

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He may not have won the fight but Kyle Maynard proved critics that he could in fact step into the cage and take on another man. Kyle, a congenital amputee was in the media all week because he would be stepping into a cage to fight.Maynard lost the fight via unanimous decision (30-27) escaping any serious injury.

Only problem with the fight last night was where it took place. Due to Maynards disability no-one would sanction him to fight so he went and got himself an unsanctioned fight in Alabama. Just look at the state of the place, this should make states want to regulate MMA.

Planning on Getting the UFC Game? Why Not Let Someone Else Pay For it? BringIt.com

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So we’re all big MMA fans, a lot us of like to roll, shadow box, blast our favorite entrance song to the octagon. We also like to the bet on the fights, at least I know I do.

MMA and the UFC in particular are marching their way to top of global markets. In down economic times, there are really only two other industries like this: Video games and online gambling. What if there was a way to combine video games, online betting, and MMA?! There is:

The MMA-Live.com UFC Undisputed tournament on www.BringIt.com

That’s right, BringIt.com is the #1 website that allows their users to play their favorite video games online for CASH. Now, with the release of UFC Undisputed less than a month away, the outcome of each match, and the potential reconciliation of your bets, is in YOUR hands!

We all start on the same playing field here boys. Finally, the MMA cats have the upper hand on all the little snot nosed kids that have owned us playing video games over the years. We’ve got a new game, a fresh start, and the mental disposition of a fighter. (When I roll jiu-jitsu it’s usually with my dog).

A 16 man tournament, $10 entry, UFC Undisputed Tournament is going down on www.BringIt.com. All you have to do is register for free at BringIt.com, and wait until the game is released. I’m warning you, I’ve seen a lot of strong thumbs lately from hours of training for this. Be there, this may be our only shot to get in the octagon and win something REAL.

Deposit now with the promo code “UFC09” and BringIt will match MMA-Live members 50% on their deposit up to $20 bucks.


Dana White Declares War if Liddell Does Not Retire

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“Chuck Liddell is stupid rich. Chuck Liddell is done. He’s got nothing left to prove. He’s the most famous guy on Earth. I love him like a fucking brother and I don’t want to see him get hurt. There is no reason for it. He’s fucking 40 years old man. These guys that are fighting now are young, explosive, fast fucking kids who are well rounded mixed martial artists. There’s no fucking reason for Chuck Liddell to be out there at 40 years old still fighting. I don’t want to make a fucking nickel off that ever. Believe me, it will be a fucking war if he tries not to retire, believe me. I love him. He helped me build this business. We started when he was making five hundred and five hundred. And we had the dream of him becoming a big star and winning the title and making all kinds of money. We did it all man. We fucking did it all. We did it. We did it. It’s fucking over. He’s 40 years old, it is over. It was amazing that he was able to fight until he was 40. That’s what a bad motherfucker he was. He has nothing to prove to anybody, period. It’s over. We did everything that we set out to do. It has been an amazing run, its been fun. We did it together, we stayed loyal to each other the whole time and we did everything that we hoped to do and now its over. He can do it financially. And plus, I’m going to bring him into the organization in some other way and he’s still going to make money. He’s been loyal to me and I’ve been loyal to him and that’s not going to change now that he’s retiring. He’ll always be a part of the organization. He’ll take on another role, he’ll still make money and he’ll be with me until the day we die…. I always say is that I’ve built this business using the blueprint of boxing, what not to do. We know that you shouldn’t be fighting past your prime, you know?”

Chuck Liddell, as of right now, has not officially announced his retirement from fighting. It seems as though Dana White won’t take no for an answer though. White has offered Liddell a job in a suit with nice pay in order to keep him off of the canvas.

Over his many years fighting Chuck Liddell has been one of the greatest but that has all slipped from under him with two losses by KO in his last two fights. Liddell is one of the great legends of this sport and I fell he should retire without trying to look for that final win.

Michael Bispings Thoughts on Silva-Leites Fight

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“I think both guys should hang their heads in shame, quite honestly. Leites probably won the first two rounds but nothing happened in the fight. [Canadian fans] deserved a hell of a lot better than they got from these two. I’ve seen more aggression from my fiancé when she hits the January sales. It was very frustrating for me to be sitting on my couch seeing Anderson Silva, who keeps saying how he’s gone through the middleweight division. I would have fought harder than both of them put together, and so would a lot of other middleweights.”

Above is Michael Bisping’s reaction to the main event at UFC 97 between Thales Leites and Anderson Silva for the UFC Middleweight Championship. The bout between the two has received a lot of criticism from main-stream media and MMA blogs around the net for it’s lack of action. During the bout Leites would flop on his back whenever Silva would come close and connect with anything.

Personally I feel that Bisping would provide a great opponent for Silva if he is to fight at middleweight again. Bisping would look to keep the fight standing and he would keep applying pressure to Silva, therefore keeping the fight more interesting for the fans who shell out $40+ to watch the greatest fighters in the world fight.

Simply Believe: Charles ‘Mask’ Lewis Jr. Tribute

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Simply Believe: is a short 15 minute movie paying tribute to the life of TapouT founder Charles ‘Mask’ Lewis Jr.

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