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No Need to Lower Price of PPV??? ORLY?

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So Dana White did an interview with Steve Cofield of Cagewriter (video). Cofield asks White if a price drop is in order due to the less than stellar looking cards the UFC has been putting on through the back end of this year. Obviously cutting the price of the PPV would send mixed messages and fans would be left debating as to whether one UFC is worth $20 or $50.

After seeing the above interview with White I knew there was no-way that they would drop the price for any PPV, that is until I came across this article from CNBC. The article is about the rise in the amount of streaming of sporting events due to sites like and Ustream. I was amazed to see that there were 160,000 streams of UFC 107 alone. 160,000 is just amazing, that means the UFC are losing out on potentially millions of fans who would rather watch the low quality internet feed than pay $45.

I personally feel that $45 for 5 fights is fairly expensive but then again I still pay it. Now I understand that my next example is a bit extreme because fans in the UK do have to stay up, or wake up, in the early hours of the morning to watch but for just under $20USD or in some circumstances $15USD they get all the UFC events for free and they also get an unlimited supply of sports when the UFC is not on through the newly established ESPN UK. I have many friends in the UK as it is where I was born and raised. A hand full of people I know are UFC fans and they think it is insane that we have to pay $45 (2 months of ESPN UK) for a three hour show.

I really hope that the UFC gets going with sorting out a TV deal or lowering PPV prices or they will continue to keep losing paying fans to internet streams because as Joe Rogan mentioned multiple times… “You can’t stop the internet baby.”

Frank Mir and Shane Carwin to Fight for Interim Heavyweight Championship at UFC 111

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Finally something has been done about the Brock Lesnar fiasco. Frank Mir and Shane Carwin have verbally agreed to fight for the UFC’s Interim HW Championship at UFC 111 in Newark, NJ on March 27th. Check out what Carwin said on his blog:

“I expect to make my return to the UFC in March 2010. I will be fighting in Newark New Jersey at UFC 111. I have not signed any contracts yet but I have told my manager to inform UFC Matchmaker that “I accept the offer.” I will have been out of the Octagon for about a year when this fight happens but I expect to be in the best shape of my life. I do hope to someday get the opportunity to punch Brock a few times and hope he has a speedy and full recovery. I look forward to fighting again, fighting is what I love to do. I have a ton of respect for my proposed opponent. He has a good stand up game and can be effective on the ground. The only way to become the best fighter is to continually challenge yourself against the best fighters in the World.”

Carwin was supposed to fight for the title at UFC 106 before Lesnar became sick and had to have surgery. It is still not known when, if ever, Brock Lesnar will return. Dana White said recently we should know within 6 weeks what Lesnar’s fighting status will be. With the current state of the UFC’s roster though 6 weeks is just not good enough. Something had to be done sooner rather than later so the Interim belt will make its return to the UFC heavyweight division.

You know what really pisses me off though? Why is it that Frank Mir gets to fight for the belt. He lost got destroyed by Lesnar at UFC 100, comes back and wins one fight against Cheick Kongo who is a mid-level gate keeper at best and he gets to fight for the title? I think I am disappointed at the decision but what can you do? On the bright side the UFC 111 fight card is looking good if all the rumored fights end up coming to fruition. You have GSP defending his title against Dan Hardy and also the expected return of Thiago Alves.

EA Sports MMA: Roster Additions

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Cung Le, Scott Smith, Robbie Lawler, Josh Thomson, Gilbert Melendez, Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza and Matt Lindland are the latest fighters to join the EA Sports MMA roster. They will join some other notable fighters in the game such as cover-boy’s Fedor Emelianenko and Randy Couture.

Dana White UFC 107 Video Blog Fight Night

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Herschel Walker Showing His New Moves in Open Workout

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47-year-old Herschel Walker will be making his MMA debut January 30th in Florida. His opponent has not yet been decided.

Opinion: Dan Henderson

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Dan Henderson recently signed with Strikeforce after the UFC decided not to re-new his contract due to the fact he was asking for too much money.

First off, I like the idea that Dan Henderson has moved along to Strikeforce. Henderson is a fairly big name in MMA and he will join some also very well known fighters at Strikeforce such as Fedor Emelianenko, Fabricio Werdum, Jake Shields and Gegard Mousassi. Maybe with the amount of exposure and the quality of fighters Strikeforce now has we may soon start to see some decent competition between them and the UFC.

Now onto Dan Henderson himself! Scott Coker already told Fanhouse that he will be fighting at both middleweight and light heavyweight during his time at Strikeforce. Obviously there are a lot of quality fighters in both weight divisions that Dan Henderson could go up against.

If Henderson was to start off at middleweight I would like to see him go up against Cung Le to see who would then go onto face Jake Shields for the title sometime later next year. I realize that this could prose a problem though with timing because Cung Le is scheduled to fight next week and Henderson is not scheduled to fight until Q2 of 2010 which would leave Shields waiting until possibly Q3 of 2010 before he even gets to defend his title for the first time. Of course Henderson vs Shields right off the bat is an option but then Cung Le would be left looking for some promising competition.

The only fight at light heavyweight for Henderson that I see being any good is him and Gegard Mousassi for the title. Another potential bout could be a rematch between Dan Henderson and Reneto “Babalu” Sobral to decide if Henderson is good enough to go for the title.

When it is announced who Henderson will fight in his debut you will be able to find it here on

Dan Henderson, Strikeforce

Dan Henderson Signs with Strikeforce

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After months of speculation, Dan Henderson has finally agreed to sign with Strikeforce. FanHouse has learned that the 12-year veteran, who was last seen knocking out Michael Bisping at UFC 100 in July, recently came to terms with the San Jose-based organization on a multi-fight agreement.

At this time, it is unknown when and where Henderson will make his debut for Strikeforce.

Fanhouse reported that Dan Henderson would be fighting for Strikeforce in the near future only a few moments ago. Over the past few months since Henderson defeated Bisping at UFC 100 it has been unclear as to where he would end up. Dana White claimed that Henderson wanted far too much money and refused to sign him on for more fights unless his demands dropped. It seems that Henderson called White’s bluff and decided to join Americas #2 promotion Strikeforce.

We will bring you more on this later today so stick around!

Kimbo Slice vs Houston Alexander FightMetric Stats

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The Fight Metric stats have been released for Kimbo Slice vs Houston Alexander from last nights Ultimate Fighter finale. As you can see Kimbo clearly won the fight which was far from enjoyable for the most part. Check out all the FightMetric stats here.

The Ultimate Fighter Gate Numbers and Fighter Bonuses

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The Ultimate Fighter finale took place last night in its usual venue at The Pearl at The Palms. The official attendance for the finale was 1,400 which brought in a total live gate of $504,350, the event was dubbed “close to a sellout.” checked back on the attendance for last seasons Ultimate Fighter US vs UK finale and found out that the amount of tickets sold was less for season 10 but revenue was higher. The average price per ticket sold for last nights event was $360.25.

Four of the twenty fighters who were on last nights card each received an extra $25,000.

Frankie Edgar and Matt Veach each took home the bonus money for putting on “Fight of the Night.” Matt Veach had the upper hand in the start of the fight with some powerful slams but the tides soon changed and Frankie Edgar was able to come away with the submission victory in the second round.

Roy Nelson got the award for “Knockout of the Night.” Nelson was able to topple Brendan Schaub and take The Ultimate Fighter crown.

Mark Bocek picked up “Submission of the Night” after defeating UFC newcomer Joe Brammer via rear naked choke.

Keith Kizer Discusses Jon Jones DQ

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Keith Kizer, the Executive Director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission spoke to Sherdog about the ruling in the Matt Hamil vs Jon Jones fight.

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