March 2010

GSP’s New Under Armour Commercial

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Thiago Alves out of UFC 111 With “Brain Irregularity” – Ben Saunders to Face Jon Fitch

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Just two days out from fight night, Thiago Alves received the news that he would not be able to fight due to a brain irregularity. The decision was made by the New Jersey Athletic Commission after Alves took the state mandatory CAT scan.

After receiving the news, the UFC decided to match up Ben Saunders and Jon Fitch as well as move the fight between Kurt Pellegrino and Fabricio Camoes to the main card. UFC 111 will go on with ten fights instead of the originally scheduled eleven.

Analysis: UFC on Versus gets 1.24 Million Viewers

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The UFC held its first event on Versus this past Sunday night. The main event featured light heavyweights Brandon Vera and Jon Jones. Jones ended up walking away with the TKO victory after a huge elbow force Vera to turtle up. 1.24 million people ended up watching the event. For the UFC 1.24 million is bad, for Versus, it is fairly good.

The UFC  tends to get around 2 million viewers for the cards it holds on Spike with those numbers maxing out at 3.7 million for the TUF 10 finale. For its first show on Versus they failed to beat WEC 34 for the highest viewed card on the network. WEC 34 featured Urijah Faber, a big draw for the promotion, and it had 1.54 million viewers.

Now a look at why the UFC was not able to beat the WEC or come close to its Spike number.

First off, Versus does not have the viewership that Spike does. Versus has around 80 million Americans who have access to their channel while Spike has close to 100 million.

Secondly, there was very little promotion for the card. I believe the UFC should have done more promotion of the event. I rarely saw advertisements for the show and to be honest I even forgot about the show being on. Luckily a light bulb flicked on in my head and I suddenly remembered at the last minute.

Third reason and probably one of the most important reasons the show didn’t hit 2 million was because it was on at such a random time. A Sunday night? Really. The UFC was competing with some prime-time Sunday night programming which included the Apprentice, one of my favorite shows which I was forced to DVR.

Now onto what the UFC could do to make the second show on Versus a success.

Well first thing they could do, I think you already guessed it, don’t hold the show on a Sunday night. I don’t think of Sunday night as a night to watch UFC because I have become so used to it being on a Saturday. Wednesday is testing it a bit but please, pretty please, no more Sunday night cards.

Second thing that needs to be done is a bit more promotion. The card that was put on this past weekend was amazing but nobody knew it was on. I’m no marketing expert so I really don’t know what the UFC could do to promote the next show but they should do it.

UFC 114 Official Poster

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Strikeforce “Heavy Artillery” Poster

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Arianny Celeste in Muscle Pharm Photo Shoot

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Dana White’s UFC 111 Video Blog Day One

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Dana White: UFC on Versus 1 Comments

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Last nights UFC on Versus looked like a good free card and turned out to be great. Dana White had a few comments that stuck out last night though. The first of those was on the decision made by Herb Dean to have Paul Buentello’s finger be popped back into place.

“If  [Buentello] couldn’t continue right there, you can’t come in [and call timeout]. His finger broke. You could see he tried to stay away from the takedown, and his finger just snapped, it wasn’t caught in the glove. It was broke. It should have been a TKO… This sounds insane, but it’s like going in there and popping Duane’s foot back in place and continuing to fight. If that was possible, it’d be the same thing.”

If video replay was accessible  in Colorado like it now is in Nevada then this issue might now have arisen.

Dana White also commented last night on James Irvin. Irvin had made the drop from light heavyweight (205lb) to middleweight (185lb). Seems Dana White is not a fan of Irvin at middleweight and says he will no longer allow him to fight there.

“He looked terrible at the weigh-ins. There was [expletive] coming out of his face. I didn’t know if it was skull or scar tissue or what it was. 205 is a tough cut for him. Tonight it looked like the 85 cut killed him. He couldn’t get off. He couldn’t throw any punches tonight and he was basically getting lit up by Sakara. That’s not James Irvin. That’s not who he is as a fighter. I really like him a lot but no more 185 for him. He didn’t look good yesterday.”

Finally: Rampage Jackson vs Rashad Evans Official for UFC 114

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It was announced today that Quinton “Rampage” Jackson will take on Rashad Evans at UFC 114 in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 29th.

Jackson and Evans were supposed to step into the cage together back in December at UFC 107 after the conclusion of TUF 10. That fight never happened though due to Jackson landing the role of B.A. Baracus in this summers remake of “The A-Team.”

Miguel Torres Plastic Surgery Video

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MMA Mania had the privilege of being able to film Miguel Torres getting his gruesome cut from WEC 47 fixed up.

WARNING: Contains blood, skull, scalpels and a gangsta!

Miguel Torres Surgery from Harris Masood on Vimeo.

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