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UFC Undisputed 2010 – Brock Lesnar on Cover

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THQ is getting started with the promotion of the second installment of UFC Undisputed. This year they boast massive improvements over last year simply based on the fact that EA will be releasing their own game which will lead to some serious competition between the two companies.

MMA Mania went to the effort of categorizing all the enhancements that were mentioned in a Gamespot UK interview so here they are:

CONTROLS: In UFC 2009 Undisputed, clinch grappling and ground grappling were handled with multiple control schemes, which could be cumbersome to juggle depending on the fighter’s orientation. This year, we undertook a new design philosophy that allowed us to better align our clinch grappling and ground grappling. In essence, players will now perform clinch pummels and throws using the ultimate fighting control the same way they performed transitions in UFC 2009 Undisputed.

SUBMISSIONS: While we’ve done quite a bit of tinkering with the submission system, the stick rolling method of submission execution and escape (known semiofficially as The Shine) will return. What we did want to change was the button mashing/brute force escape we utilized last year. This enabled fighters with high strength to be just as good at getting out of submissions as fighters with high submission defense. Now all fighters will utilize The Shine, but the parameters that govern the success of getting out of a submission have changed. For UFC Undisputed 2010, the submission calculations will use either a fighter’s submission defense or his current energy level expressed as a percentage–whichever is higher. For example, let’s say a fighter has a submission defense skill of 50. If the fighter has 100 stamina and full (100 percent) energy, the game will look at this energy level, and the fighter will have a great chance of getting out of a submission. If the fighter has 100 stamina and has used the majority of his energy reserves, the game will look at the fighter’s submission defense skill; in this case, shine hard! We feel this system is fairer to players and more representative of how an actual submission struggle would go down.

CAGE SUPPORT: We’ve implemented full cage support in UFC Undisputed 2010, and its effect on gameplay is huge. Our design approach to implementing cage gameplay allowed us to utilize our universal grapple system concept. On the ground, we have a rising hierarchy of positional advantage based on how much threat potential one fighter has in relation to another. In the case of two equally skilled fighters in open guard, for instance, the fighter on top is in a slightly better situation than the fighter on the bottom. We express this by saying the top fighter has a 55/45 advantage over the bottom fighter, expressed in the damage output of his strikes, the lethality of his submissions, etc. Put the same two fighters in the mount position, for instance, and that advantage changes to something much more dramatic, like say a 90/10 in favor of the top fighter. We’ve utilized similar thinking with regard to the cage. Let’s say we have the same two equally skilled fighters in the single collar tie position in the middle of the octagon. We consider this position to be one in which both fighters have equal advantage–a true 50/50 position. If one fighter manages to push his opponent up against the cage, he’ll restrict his movement, limit the force he’s able to generate on his strikes, and make it harder for him to regain energy; thus, shifting the balance in the favor of the free-standing fighter. It’s an elegant system that we feel accurately represents the strategies employed in a real UFC fight.

FIGHTER CUSTOMIZATION: For UFC Undisputed 2010, we’ve substantially increased the number of available parts for creation, but we’ve also added a ton of new features and improvements. One of the biggest changes from the previous game is the way we allow players to allocate individual moves for their fighters. Last year, we had base styles, each of which came with a set of predefined moves. This meant that all Brazilian jujitsu (BJJ) fighters had the same moves and techniques as other BJJ fighters. We wanted to change that this year, so we opened it up and now allow players to assign individual moves to their fighters on a move-by-move basis. There are well over 200 moves that can be assigned, mixed, and matched to create truly unique fighters. Also new this year is the ability to fight orthodox, southpaw, or switch and assign a dominate power hand. Players can also choose their navigation style from a number of different postures to give their fighters more of a distinct look.

SPONSORSHIP & LOGOS: The new system, which we’ve also applied to the placement of tattoos, uses more of a drag-and-drop style interface. Gone are the predefined spots where logos can only be placed and the series of menus that were required to place a logo. This year, it’s as simple as picking shorts, picking a logo, and choosing its location on the shorts. Speaking of clothing, many top brands in MMA are back, along with some new ones, so players will have access to an extensive assortment of new designs and logos. In addition, we are also allowing players to pick or create their own post-fight clothing, which is worn during winner announcement scenes and certain areas in Career mode.

CAREER MODE: Included are several new features to help build up each fight and give them more meaning. An example of this is a new system we’ve added called “Game Is Watching You.” The GIWY system tracks everything players are doing during the fighter’s career and reflects it through commentary during fights. Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg will reference the fighter’s previous fights, his training partners, titles held, and other things he does during his career. Opponents will also take notice of performances and adjust their fight styles and strategies to counter strengths and take advantage of weaknesses.

FIGHTING TECHNIQUES: In addition to the six returning fighting techniques (boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, wrestling, judo, and Brazilian jujitsu), three more have been added: Karate, Greco-Roman wrestling, and Sambo. We’ve also moved away from the concept of one striking fighting technique and one grappling fighting technique in favor of a system that allows fighters to learn individual moves as they see fit. We feel this more accurately represents the type of cross-discipline training that the modern UFC fighter needs in order to compete at the highest levels.

ONLINE FIGHT CAMPS: Fight camps unite many different fighters under a single banner to compete against fighters from other fight camps to unlock new milestones and rewards. Players can use the virtual space of their fight camp to spar and teach each other the ins and outs of the game. Players can even bring in their Career mode fighters for an online training session to train with other players and get an extra career “cred” boost. Those boosts make better fighters and those better fighters make better camps.

NEW MODES: Additions include a Title and Title Defense mode, a Tournament mode and the Classic Fights mode will return with substantial changes.

Brock Lesnar to Return to the UFC

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It was way back in September when we first heard that Brock Lesnar would not be able to defend his title against Shane Carwin due to what turned out to be diverticulitis. Since then there has been a lack of information from anyone involved as to whether or not Lesnar would return to fighting or if his career was done and his title would be removed. Today on ESPN with UFC President Dana White next to him Lesnar told everyone what the last three months have involved and gave his fans more information as to when he will fight again.

Lesnar will make his return to the UFC to defend his heavyweight championship against the winner of Shane Carwin and Frank Mir. If both fighters come out injured though he will instead face the winner of the fight between Nogueira and Velasquez. The fight would be taking place sometime this summer.

Daily Fix: January 17th

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All the news coming out today seems to be revolving around UFC 113 which will be taking place in Montreal, Canada on May 1st. As well as the UFC 113 news there was also a new video released which showcases the second installment of the UFC Undisputed game.

UFC 113

It is looking like the UFC is trying to make up for a pretty bad showing towards the end of 2009 by putting on events that contain many big names, even in the first fight of the main card.

Lyoto Machida is set to defend his title in Montreal against Mauricio Rua and Rashad Evans is expected to throw-down against Quinton Jackson but there is now even more for the Canadians to look forward to…

It was reported earlier today that Kimbo Slice will be taking on fellow TUF alum Matt Mitrione. As with the two fights mentioned above, nothing has been made official as of yet.

Slice vs. Mitrione was not the only fight that was mentioned today though. It is looking as though Josh Koscheck will be facing Paul Daley on the card also.

Check out the card as it looks right now:

  • Shogun Rua vs. Lyoto Machida
  • Rashad Evans vs. Rampage Jackson
  • Josh Koscheck vs. Paul Daley
  • Patrick Cote vs. Alan Belcher
  • Jeremy Stephens vs. Sam Stout
  • Jonathan Goulet vs. Marcus Davis
  • TJ Grant vs. Johny Hendricks

More info on Kimbo Slice vs Matt Mitrione and UFC 113: MMAConvert, Five Ounces of Pain, MMAJunkie [One] [Two]

UFC Undisputed 2010

Here is the latest video showcasing all the new features that are included inthe upcoming UFC Undisputed 2010 video game which is scheduled for release in May. Oh and don’t worry it’s not your computer, the video has a really messed up frame rate (or my computer is messed up).

Brock Lesnar Update

“One source informed Heavy that Lesnar will be out for the rest of 2010 and will vacate the heavyweight championship at the press conference. The same source also indicated that Lesnar has experienced a drastic weight loss during his bout with diverticulitis and is currently under 220 pounds. While nothing is confirmed, the timetable for Lesnar’s return could ultimately depend on how long it takes him to get back to his normal weight of 290 pounds, and any setbacks with his illness could postpone it even further.”

“But another source told on Tuesday that Lesnar’s weight issues are overblown and that the champion could make his return this summer.”

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Fan Made Promo for Machida vs. Rua II

MMA Convert 2009 MMA awards

Brock Lesnar is Still VERY Sick

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Lesnar out of UFC 106 Carwin Fight Moved to 2010

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The fight was just under one month away. On November 21st at UFC 106 Shane Carwin was supposed to take on Brock Lesnar for the UFC Heavyweight Championship. Carwin will not get his shot at the champion until 2010 due to an illness that has sidelined Lesnar for over three weeks now as reported by Yahoo! Sports.

“He said he’s never been this sick in his life,” White said. “He said it’s been going on for a long time and he just hasn’t been able to shake it.”

As a result of the fight being postponed the UFC announced that they will move what was the co-main event between Forrest Griffin and Tito Ortiz to the main event spot. Problem is for the UFC they can now expect with the news that PPV buys will drop significantly. Lesnar is a big draw and would of brought in over 1.5 million buys for UFC 106 but it seems Zuffa will have to settle for something less than 750K now.

Here is the UFC 106 card as it now stands, stars represent fights that are not yet official:

Tito Ortiz vs. Forrest Griffin
Karo Parisyan vs. Dustin Hazelett
Amir Sadollah vs. Phil Baroni
Ben Saunders vs. Marcus Davis
Kendall Grove vs. Jake Rosholt
George Sotiropoulos vs. Jason Dent
Luiz Cane vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira*
Brian Foster vs. Brock Larson *
Fabricio Camoes vs. Caol Uno*
Paulo Thiago vs. Jacob Volkmann*

Arianny Celeste Interview with

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Watch Arianny Celeste: UFC Needs Brock Lesnar on

Brock Lesnar’s Rise to Glory – Machinemen

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Machinemen has put together a great video showcasing the rise of Brock Lesnar from high school wrestling all the way to the UFC heavyweight champion.

UFC 100 Predictions and Preview

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UFC 100 predictions
By Jim Kammer

Lines as of 6.25.2009 form
All the lines are at Bodog!

Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir
Line Brock (-250)

Brock is the fan favorite choice and in the betting lines too. He is bigger, stronger and faster, than almost every heavyweight in the world and has an aurora of greatness around him. Brock has a superior pedigree of wrestling and is gifted with freakish talent.

Brock Lesnar is not going to win.

Since the win over Brock, every day Frank Mir is closer to becoming the fighter he was before the motorcycle accident. You see it in his eyes. You see it in his demeanor. Mir’s confidence and swagger are closer to an all time high. He is arguably the most dangerous submission man in the heavyweight division. In three fights in the UFC, Brock Lesnar has faced one submission attempt and tapped – and that was Frank Mir’s knee bar- one of the easiest submissions to defend against.

Mir’s standup looked very much improved over Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira. This was the only stoppage of Nog’s career. The fact of Nog’s staph infection and knee issues were a huge factor are understood. But Mir looked good- real good. That was not the fighter that lost to Brandon Vera- this was the fighter that broke Tim Sylvia’s arm.

To me, Brock has not shown great endurance in his fights. In his last one, you have to wonder how much longer he could have gone. Grant it, he was throwing bombs against Couture- but Couture is 46 years old! Lesnar’s two wins in the octagon have come against a striker with a 3-4-1 record in his last 8, and a wrestler with a 4-4 record in his last 8. Looking back on Couture’s wins now, they are not as impressive as they initially seemed.

The questions for the fight are:

  • Is Mir’s knee ok? I am assuming that it is, it’s a whole other game if its not. If that knee isn’t 100% and he cannot lock submissions, he may be in for a long (or short) night.
  • Does Brock catch Mir early or does Lesnar run out of gas and make a mistake and Mir capitalize on it?

I believe that Brock caught Mir in the first fight –and he was unlucky with the horrible stoppages by referee Steve Mazzagatti. That is not going to happen again; Mir is a submission specialist with an improved striking game and is ready for Lesner and ready for a decent run as UFC heavyweight champion.

Prediction- Mir wins in round 3 by submission.

Georges St Pierre vs. Thiago Alves
Line- St Pierre (-325)

How good is GSP?! If you look at his record and a list of his opponents, it’s a who’s who of the welterweight division- it is just amazing. He is the complete package. He can and will dominate the fight- almost any fight- from start to finish. The ONLY way GSP loses is when he beats himself. For some reason he used to let his head get into the fight, either not confident enough (Hughes) or over confident (Serra). When he is ready and prepared he wins, period. GSP is not taking Alves lightly. Alves is a tough fighter with that one punch knockout ability. He is riding a 7 fight win streak with his last loss to Jon Fitch back in June 2006. Alves has improved since that loss, but so has Fitch and GSP handled Fitch.

I do not think that there is really too much to analyze here- GSP is a better striker and grappler, but does not have the greatest chin. If Alves connects this fight could be over at any time. I do not see GSP giving that chance and dominates the fight from the beginning – both standing and on the ground for all five rounds.

Prediction- GSP wins by unanimous decision

Read more

UFC 100

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UFC 100 Saturday, July 11, 2009, at 10 p.m. ET on PPV
Mandalay Events Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

Main card

  • Heavyweight Championship bout: Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir
  • Welterweight Championship bout:  Georges St-Pierre vs.  Thiago Alves
  • 170lb limit: Jon Fitch vs.  Paulo Thiago
  • 185lb limit:  Dan Henderson vs.  Michael Bisping
  • 185lb limit:  Yoshihiro Akiyama vs.  Alan Belcher

Preliminary card

  • 205lb limit:  Mark Coleman vs.  Stephan Bonnar
  • 155lb limit:  Mac Danzig vs.  Jim Miller
  • 205lb limit:  Jon Jones vs.  Jake O’Brien
  • 170lb limit:  Dong Hyun Kim vs.  Jonathan Goulet
  • 185lb limit:  C.B. Dollaway vs.  Tom Lawlor
  • 155lb limit:  Matt Grice vs.  Shannon Gugerty

A Mini Brock Lesnar Biography

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Here is a mini Brock Lesnar biography. Credit goes to MMAMania for the find!

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