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UFC 117 Official Poster

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Above is the official poster for UFC 117 which will take place in Oakland, California in August. Once again Anderson Silva will be putting his middleweight championship on the line. Here’s hoping that we actually get to see a fight this time and not 25 minutes of fleeing from your opponent.

Here is the fight card as it stands now:

Main Card

  • Middleweight Championship:  Anderson Silva vs.  Chael Sonnen
  • Welterweight:  Matt Hughes vs.  Ricardo Almeida
  • Lightweight:  Clay Guida vs.  Rafael dos Anjos


  • Light Heavyweight:  Thiago Silva vs.  Tim Boetsch
  • Welterweight:  Dustin Hazelett vs  Rick Story
  • Welterweight:  Ben Saunders vs.  Dennis Hallman
  • Welterweight:  Johny Hendricks vs.  Charlie Brenneman
  • Light Heavyweight:  Rodney Wallace vs.  Stanislav Nedkov


  • Welterweight:  Jon Fitch vs.  Thiago Alves
  • Heavyweight:  Junior Dos Santos vs.  Roy Nelson

Anderson Silva Responding to Chael Sonnens Trash Talking

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NicktheFace Provides One of the Best Hype Videos of All Time

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If this video doesn’t make you believe that Chael Sonnen brings something to the table then you have something wrong with you.

Sonnen will attempt to take the title that Silva has successfully defended six times since winning back in 2006. The fight will take place UFC 117.

UFC 109: Sonnen Defeats Marquardt in Dominating Fashion

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Chael Sonnen was wasting no time in this fight, he went right after Marquardt and then took him down, he did fall right into a guillotine but managed to get out. Sonnen then postured up and began unleashing some thunderous shots while Marquardt was against the cage. Marquardt managed to get standing a threw a flying knee but was took right back down by Sonnen. Chael Sonnen easily took the first round in a dominating fashion, 10-9 Sonnen.

The second round started the exact same as the first, Sonnen went right in there and put Marquardt on his back. Sonnen continued to control the round but midway through he began to bleed quite a lot from a cut that was in the middle of the forehead. Sonnen still dominated the round and took it 10-9 in my book.

Chael Sonnen took Marquardt down again to start the third round. Sonnen continued to control Marquardt until two minutes were remaining and Marquardt was able to get back to his feet, Sonnen immediately went in for the takedown and Marquardt got the guillotine choke locked in. Sonnen held on though until Marquardt released the choke. With a minute left in the round Marquardt showed up to the fight; it wouldn’t be enough for the victory though as Sonnen won via unanimous decision.

UFC 104 Preliminary Predictions

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MMA-Live has returned!

UFC 104 is this weekend and for me it seems like a lifetime since the last UFC event. This is the first part of three articles that will be released to showcase the UFC 104 event on Saturday night. This first part will be on the undercard, the second part will be on the main card and the final part will cover the main event.

Stefan Struve vs.  Chase Gormley
The first fight of the night at UFC 104 is a heavyweight bout between Dutch fighter Stefan Struve and American Chase Gormley. Struve enters the fight having only lost three of his twenty fight career. One of those losses was in his UFC debut back at UFC 95. Struve’s opponent Chase Gormley will be making his debut this Saturday in UFC 104 coming in with a perfect 6-0 record.

I am going to have to go with Chase for this fight. For one Struve showed us in his last fight that a significantly smaller man can knock him around quite a bit and my second reason, Chase has yet to lose a fight. I expect Struve to be TKO’d in this fight early on. Who knows? Maybe even a doctors stoppage if that scar tissue opens up like it did at UFC 99.

Final Prediction: Chase Gormley via TKO in first round

Kyle Kingsbury vs. Razak Al-Hassan
Kyle Kingsbury has really been on a shocking run in his time with the UFC. He lost the entrance fight for The Ultimate Fighter to the man who ended up winning the competition, Ryan Bader. It wasn’t all over for him there though he got another chance after fighters were forced to drop out due to injury. Kingsbury ended up losing again second time around. Kinsbury then went on to lose his debut UFC fight at The Ultimate Fighter 8 Finale against Tom Lawlor via a unanimous decision. Despite all of this the UFC has surprisingly kept him around for another shot and this weekend Kingsbury will face Razak Al-Hassan.

Al-Hassan has only had one fight previously in the UFC and it was a memorable one. Live on Spike TV Al-Hassan decided not to tap out to an arm-bar that was inescapable but rather have his arm bend in a fashion that probably made many cringe. At that point it was obviously over for Al-Hassan. That was only his first loss in professional mixed martial arts.

Obviously this is a do or die for Kingsbury, if he loses this he is done with the UFC and he knows it. That may also be the same for Al-Hassan so they both really want the win which will make this a good fight to watch, unfortunately it wont air. I think I will have to go with Al-Hassan for the win though, as long as the dislocation doesn’t act up much which it shouldn’t being over nine months ago now but the human body is a weird thing. Due to the nature of the fight with both fighters desperately needing a win it will either be a flash KO or a decision.

Final Prediction: Razak Al-Hassan via unanimous decision

Jorge Rivera vs.  Rob Kimmons
Jorge Rivera’s time in the UFC has been a roller coaster of wins and losses. His record of 16-7 is fairly good but it seems that every time he gets off the ground he comes crashing back down and has to restart. Rivera’s opponent, Rob Kimmons, has a professional record of 22-4 with one of those losses in the UFC against Dan Miller. In that fight Kimmons lost in the first round via rear naked choke. Kimmons got himself back on the winning track in April of 2009 against Joe Vedepo after he choked him unconscious.

This one is really a tough one to pick. You have two pretty equally matched opponents of similar fighting backgrounds. Both fighters have also never gone the distance in a win so I will be going with a technical knockout victory for Rob Kimmons in the first round.

Final Prediction: Rob Kimmons via technical knockout in round two

Yushin Okami vs Chael Sonnen

This fight should be a good one. Two middleweight fighters who are about equal in talent looking to get that one big win they need in order to step back into the top ranks. Okami is 23-4 and has himself a nice little streak which includes wins over Jason MacDonald and the late Evan Tanner. A win against Sonnen at UFC 104 is all he needs to be up there at the top.

Sonnen has not had the success of Okami but mainly because he has been facing off against tougher competition. He recently fought and lost to Demain Maia but then came right back to winning when he fought Dan Miller at UFC 98.

I think this fight will be a true test of skill but when it is all said and done Okami’s hand will be raised in a submission victory.

Final Prediction: Yushin Okami via submission round three

Antoni Hardonk vs.  Patrick Barry
This fight is the return of Pat Barry to the Octagon after his devastating loss to Tim Hague at UFC 98, the night Machida first won the title. Barry was dominating the entire fight against Hague until out of nowhere he got caught in a guillotine choke. Barry is 4-1 in mixed martial arts.

Antoni Hardonk will be on the opposite side of the Octagon at UFC 104 from Pat Barry and he will also be looking to get back to winning form. Hardonk’s last fight was at UFC 97 where he faced, and lost to, Cheick Kongo. Kongo put Hardonk out of the fight in the second round with a TKO victory.

I think it is clear that this fight will be a standing one as both fighters have kickboxing backgrounds. Pat Barry had a better kickboxing career than Hardonk though so that could prove to be the deciding factor in the fight. It will be a close fight and probably will come down to one quick punch. I will however pick Pat Barry to win the fight by a TKO in the first round.

Final Prediction: Patrick Barry via TKO round one

Ryan Bader vs.  Eric Schafer
The 9-0 undefeated Ryan Bader will be making his third appearance in the Octagon and his first appearance on a numbered UFC event. If he can get the win against Schafer he will find himself propelled into main card status. Bader was the winner of season eight of the Ultimate Fighter and since then he has defeated Carmelo Marrero via unanimous decision on the main card of the Condit vs. Kampmann Fight Night.

Baders opponent Schafer could be considered a veteran of the UFC. He has been hanging around since UFC 62 and has had five fights with two of them ending  up as losses on his record. For Schafer to win this fight he will have to keep it standing. He may have a black belt in BJJ but Bader is just too powerful of a wrestler and he will pin him to the mat unleashing some GnP.

I think if Schafer does keep the fight standing he may have an upper hand but really that wont happen. Bader will control this fight using his wrestling and will come out with the victory via a unanimous decision.

Final Prediction: Ryan Bader via unanimous decision

Demian Maia Remains Undefeated

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Demian Maia Vs. Chael Sonnen, UFC 95.  Demain Maia keeps his clean record intact at UFC 95 after defeating Chael Sonnen. Sonnen’s most recent fight was in the WEC against Paulo Filho. Since the Middleweight division in the WEC was dissolved Sonnen made his way up to the UFC.

Maia is obviously renowned around the UFC now for having scored three consecutive submissions of the night. After tonights fight he will be adding a fourth one to that list. Maia has now gone ten fights without defeat five of which have been in the Octagon. If he carries on at this rate there could be a Brazilian super fight between him and Anderson Silva or Thales Leites for the UFC Middleweight Championship.

Demian Maia – If He Wins He Has to go to the Top

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Demian Maia is not a very well known name among the casual MMA fan. It is probably due to the UFC’s lack of promotion on his name. At this current time Maia is 9-0 in MMA, 4-0 in the UFC. He has defeated such fighters as Ed Herman, Jason MacDonald and most recently Nate Quarry.

Those three fighters I would consider to be about the mid-point of the UFC Middleweight division. If Maia is to one day make a name for himself he would have to fight some of the top names in the Middleweight division right now. If Maia is to break through the tough competition he is to face at UFC 95 then I believe the UFC should put him up against the loser of the Thales Leites and Anderson Silva fight. Then a true champion could be formed.

Now a quick look at the competition Maia faces at UFC 95. Chael Sonnen should right now be known as the WEC Middleweight Champion. He took part in the last title fight at Middleweight in the WEC unfortunately Paulo Filho did not make weight and the title was not on the line. Sonnen has also faced some top flight experienced competition like Forrest Griffin and Jeremy Horn.  He was never victorious in either of those fights.

Heres an early prediction for UFC 95. Demain Maia via Submission Round 2

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