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Dana White Says No More Liddell for a Second Time

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Dana White: Pacquiao and Mayweather Would Lose in MMA

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Does it come as any surprise you you that once again UFC President, Dana White, is bashing the ability of boxers in MMA? Probably not as he has done it so many times in the past. This time though he is taking aim at two of boxing’s biggest stars in Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr..

Michael David Smith of MMA Fighting posted an article earlier today which highlights what the UFC boss said in an interview this morning. Radio host Dan Patrick posed this question to Dana White in the interview, “if I put Pacquiao and Mayweather in the Octagon, could you tell — from their boxing skills — how they would be in the Octagon?” Dana White in his usual ways responded, “either one of those guys would get beaten in mixed martial arts.”

The topic of whether a boxer could come in and defeat a mixed martial artist is a tough one. Mayweather being the heaviest of the two boxers mentioned would have to fight in the WEC in the featherweight division. Some of the best names within that division are Urijah Faber, Jose Aldo and Mike Brown. When I really think about this I don’t see any of those guys being able to beat Mayweather. Mayweather would be too fast for them.

Given three months notice to work of keeping the fight standing either one of those fighters would be able to defeat the top of their given weight division. Of course that is just my opinion. Anyone believe that Pacquiao and Mayweather would not be able to get in the cage and come out a winner?

Dana White: WEC 48 Video Blog Part 1

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Dana White’s UFC 111 Video Blog Day One

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Dana White: UFC on Versus 1 Comments

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Last nights UFC on Versus looked like a good free card and turned out to be great. Dana White had a few comments that stuck out last night though. The first of those was on the decision made by Herb Dean to have Paul Buentello’s finger be popped back into place.

“If  [Buentello] couldn’t continue right there, you can’t come in [and call timeout]. His finger broke. You could see he tried to stay away from the takedown, and his finger just snapped, it wasn’t caught in the glove. It was broke. It should have been a TKO… This sounds insane, but it’s like going in there and popping Duane’s foot back in place and continuing to fight. If that was possible, it’d be the same thing.”

If video replay was accessible  in Colorado like it now is in Nevada then this issue might now have arisen.

Dana White also commented last night on James Irvin. Irvin had made the drop from light heavyweight (205lb) to middleweight (185lb). Seems Dana White is not a fan of Irvin at middleweight and says he will no longer allow him to fight there.

“He looked terrible at the weigh-ins. There was [expletive] coming out of his face. I didn’t know if it was skull or scar tissue or what it was. 205 is a tough cut for him. Tonight it looked like the 85 cut killed him. He couldn’t get off. He couldn’t throw any punches tonight and he was basically getting lit up by Sakara. That’s not James Irvin. That’s not who he is as a fighter. I really like him a lot but no more 185 for him. He didn’t look good yesterday.”

Big Name UFC Stars to Get Branded UFC Gyms

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Dana White in the above video mentions that fighters such as Chuck Liddell, GSP and BJ Penn will be getting their own branded gyms to help support them financially once they are done fighting.

Dana White UFC 107 Video Blog Fight Night

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Brock Lesnar is Still VERY Sick

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Dana White’s UFC 105 Video Blog Part 3

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Dana White’s UFC 105 Video Blog Part Two

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