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Josh Koscheck Issues GSP A Warning

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“This time it is everything. This is going to be it man. This is my run to the title and I’m going to get it. I’m close. I’ve got to be focused. I’ve got to train and I’m coming out of this fight with a victory. I think the city of Pittsburgh needs something like that. I’m from the area and it would be great to come home and have the support of all of my fans that have been backing me all the way since I was in college wrestling all the way up to now fighting for the title… Pittsburgh would be a great, great city to have the UFC. Bringing the UFC to Pittsburgh would be awesome, but regardless where it is, it’s going to be a great event, and me and St. Pierre are going to put on a good show. Georges, you better work on your power, because I’m going to force you to stand up with me when we fight, and I’m going to knock you out.”

In an interview with MMA Weekly Josh Koscheck told of his plans to knock current champion Georges St. Pierre out. Koscheck plans to keep the fight standing which has proven a difficult challenge for the many that have gone before him. Koscheck does have some fairly good wrestling though so his chances of keeping the fight on the feet will be higher than probably any other welterweight challenger. Is Koschecks take-down defense enough though?

In Depth UFC 111 Preview – St. Pierre vs Hardy

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Daily Fix: January 18th

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Not much to report on in this second installment of the “Daily Fix.” The article today features GSP and the WEC.


GSP did an interview with Ariel Helwani yesterday where they got to talking about GSP moving up to middleweight. Here is the video:

WEC 47

A few fights were confirmed today to be taking place at WEC 47 on March 6th, in Columbus, Ohio. Former bantamweight champion, Miguel Torres, will be looking to rebound from his title fight loss to Brian Bowles when he takes on Joseph Benavidez. Jens Pulver was also added to the card, he will be taking on Javier Vazquez. This card will be broadcast on Versus live March 6th.

More info: WKR, MMAFrenzy

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Dan Hardy Will Still Fight for Title Despite Impressive Koscheck Performance

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UFC 106, while looking like a pretty poor card turned out to be fairly decent. Josh Koscheck took on Anthony Johnson in the co-main event of the evening. If you were to get past the eye pokes and attempted illegal knees the fight ended up being really good.

After the fight when Koscheck said the he is “the number one freaking contender in this weight division” and also mentioned that Dan Hardy “hasn’t fought anyone like me.” While it might be true that Koscheck has come up against some better competition he has already had his shot at the champion and came out without the victory.

Simply because of the reason that Koscheck has already had his shot at the champion (non-title fight, UFC 74) I think it was wise of Dana White to keep his rising British star in the title fight.

Where can Koscheck go from here though? Well Jon Fitch is always around for a fight in the new year if he wins at UFC 107. The fight would be a good third fight or co-main event on Superbowl weekend with the main event being Hardy vs GSP.

If Jon Fitch was to lose his fight at UFC 107 against Mike Pierce Koscheck could be given a fight against Thiago Alves once Alves has recovered from his PCL tear that put him out of UFC 107.

What say the readers? Who should Josh Koscheck fight? Should he have been given the title shot?

UFC 100: Georges St. Pierre is ready for Thiago Alves

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UFC 100 Predictions and Preview

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UFC 100 predictions
By Jim Kammer

Lines as of 6.25.2009 form
All the lines are at Bodog!

Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir
Line Brock (-250)

Brock is the fan favorite choice and in the betting lines too. He is bigger, stronger and faster, than almost every heavyweight in the world and has an aurora of greatness around him. Brock has a superior pedigree of wrestling and is gifted with freakish talent.

Brock Lesnar is not going to win.

Since the win over Brock, every day Frank Mir is closer to becoming the fighter he was before the motorcycle accident. You see it in his eyes. You see it in his demeanor. Mir’s confidence and swagger are closer to an all time high. He is arguably the most dangerous submission man in the heavyweight division. In three fights in the UFC, Brock Lesnar has faced one submission attempt and tapped – and that was Frank Mir’s knee bar- one of the easiest submissions to defend against.

Mir’s standup looked very much improved over Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira. This was the only stoppage of Nog’s career. The fact of Nog’s staph infection and knee issues were a huge factor are understood. But Mir looked good- real good. That was not the fighter that lost to Brandon Vera- this was the fighter that broke Tim Sylvia’s arm.

To me, Brock has not shown great endurance in his fights. In his last one, you have to wonder how much longer he could have gone. Grant it, he was throwing bombs against Couture- but Couture is 46 years old! Lesnar’s two wins in the octagon have come against a striker with a 3-4-1 record in his last 8, and a wrestler with a 4-4 record in his last 8. Looking back on Couture’s wins now, they are not as impressive as they initially seemed.

The questions for the fight are:

  • Is Mir’s knee ok? I am assuming that it is, it’s a whole other game if its not. If that knee isn’t 100% and he cannot lock submissions, he may be in for a long (or short) night.
  • Does Brock catch Mir early or does Lesnar run out of gas and make a mistake and Mir capitalize on it?

I believe that Brock caught Mir in the first fight –and he was unlucky with the horrible stoppages by referee Steve Mazzagatti. That is not going to happen again; Mir is a submission specialist with an improved striking game and is ready for Lesner and ready for a decent run as UFC heavyweight champion.

Prediction- Mir wins in round 3 by submission.

Georges St Pierre vs. Thiago Alves
Line- St Pierre (-325)

How good is GSP?! If you look at his record and a list of his opponents, it’s a who’s who of the welterweight division- it is just amazing. He is the complete package. He can and will dominate the fight- almost any fight- from start to finish. The ONLY way GSP loses is when he beats himself. For some reason he used to let his head get into the fight, either not confident enough (Hughes) or over confident (Serra). When he is ready and prepared he wins, period. GSP is not taking Alves lightly. Alves is a tough fighter with that one punch knockout ability. He is riding a 7 fight win streak with his last loss to Jon Fitch back in June 2006. Alves has improved since that loss, but so has Fitch and GSP handled Fitch.

I do not think that there is really too much to analyze here- GSP is a better striker and grappler, but does not have the greatest chin. If Alves connects this fight could be over at any time. I do not see GSP giving that chance and dominates the fight from the beginning – both standing and on the ground for all five rounds.

Prediction- GSP wins by unanimous decision

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UFC 100 Teleconference: GSP and Alves

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Here is the first of many upcoming press conferences for the big 100. The main topic throughout the interview is size and whether it will be to one fighters advantage or not. Thanks to CageWriter for the video.

UFC 100 Preview: Georges St. Pierre vs Thiago Alves

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Georges St. Pierre’s “G” Moment

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Georges St. Pierre’s “G” Moment.

BJ Penn Greasegate Video

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Find more videos like this on BJPENN.COM

This video has been put together by BJ’s campt to illustrate what happened at UFC 94. It shows some good angles and is a pretty well made video.

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